Captain A-hole's How to "do" comics

Captain A-hole's How to "do" comics

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Mike Hampton's How to "do" Comics featuring the sarcastically funny Captain 'Aye is a humurous yet informative guide to creating your own comic from scratch. Very much following the path that Mike did when he was just getting started, this book tells the story of the ups and downs to becoming a comic book artist, from drawing up your comic book pages, to losing your girlfriend, to getting a table at comic-con. First published in 2006 the book has been updated to meet with our current times of comic book publishing. This book also received the 2007 DIY Award for Best Comic/Zine. 


This time around there are THREE purchase options. See below for info:

  • Standard Edition(Just the raw comic book with a resealable bag and board)
  • Signed Edition( Signed by the creator of Captain A-hole, Mike Hampton. Includes resealable bag, board, and Certificate of Authenticity)
  • Captain Bundle(Includes signed comic by creator Mike Hampton, Certificate of Authenticity, resealable bag, board,  2020 Captain A-hole sticker, Captain A-hole magnet, and other mystery items. Plus each Captain bundle sold has a chance to recieve an additional limited run 202 Captain A-Hole holographic sticker!)


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