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Captain A-Hole returns

Hopefully by the time you read this, you will have learned that UncleDadComics will be publishing the return of the Nor-Cal's very anti hero, Captain A-Hole. If you don't know this yet, so stop reading and go here to listen to this week's episode of UncleDadTalks! This is joint effort with writer and creator Mike Hampton. As we celebrate the 20th anniversary of this "hero" we will bring bi-weekly 3-Panel comics that you can buy for 1$ or get it free with Coupon Code "FREECAP" this will be a great way to get reintroduced with this paper bag wearing fella. This is something that I have wanted to help bring back for a long time, so it means the world to me and baby Gabe that you take the time to read and listen whatever we put out. We are all about bringing the art/independent community together so we can't wait for the future of UncleDadComics. So please check out the comics, check out the podcast, and as always; stay safe.


P.S. If you have anything you want to see published please email us HERE!

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